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My Story...

Hi, my name is Cherisse... I am from a little corner of South East London and living on the edge of an urban jungle, I appreciate the need more than ever to have natural habitats around us. Places where bees can forage and thrive. Places where they can keep doing what they are on this earth to do. Through my products I hope to aid in their conservation by not only raising awareness but by also donating 10% percent of all profits to 'Buglife' – a wonderful conservation charity who do incredible things for pollinating insects.

Urbee is short for ‘Urban Bee’🐝 and the company arose from my love of wildlife and the natural world.
My designs are based on Scandinavian style, which focuses on simple shapes, nature and clean lines.

The aim is to have as many products made in the UK as possible. Supporting our British economy and heritage is essential and sustainability is a key aim. I am always striving to find ways to be more environmentally friendly and reduce any impact on the planet. Urbee is also proud to be member of Ecologi - helping to fund tree-planting and carbon offset projects across the world.

My professional background is in design and print... I started out my career in litho printing, then studied and worked as an artworker for some of London’s leading packaging design agencies.

Cherisse Bown

Growing up, my amazing and hard-working Mum grew plants professionally (amongst other things) and her love of all things botanical clearly rubbed off over the years. She’s now my ‘go to’ for plant advice. 🌼 I’m proud to now follow in her footsteps by offering lots of lovely bee and pollinator friendly plants through Urbee. I’m also now a Mum myself, with two gorgeous little girls, who much like myself are showing a keen interest.

Urbee is a company with an aim, not only to design and provide lovely products for people, homes and gardens, but to also raise awareness of how important bees and other pollinating insects are to our environment and survival.

Nicky & Cherisse - Founders of Urbee,
Learning about Honeybees at Besson St Community Gardens, London

Inspiration is found for Urbee in many different areas of my life, from the place where we live and the contrast of natural and urban environments around us, the appreciation of lovely products in homes, a real passion for gardening, and thoroughly enjoying seeing children happy and their real excitement when they discover something new. I am on a fabulous journey of discovery, learning about these amazing little creatures and what we can do to help them.... This is only the beginning!


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