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We are proud to launch 'Urbee & Friends' - eco-friendly products designed just for kids! This colourful, new stationery range will help children to learn about pollinators, with a fun and interesting fact on each book.
Sets include a lined Notebook for writing, a plain Sketchbook for drawing and a matching B-grade, foiled pencil to record and draw all of their nature adventures.
Choose from
Bee, Butterfly or Ladybird.
Gift wrapping is also available.
Made responsibly in the UK with our precious environment in mind.

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Bees are important pollinators!
They pollinate flowering trees, herbs, fruit, vegetable and garden plants. Some of these plants then produce delicious food that we can eat. Other plants produce seeds so a new plant can grow.
Apples, strawberries and blackberries are all fruits that grow because bees and other insects have pollinated the flowers!

  Did you know...  There are over 270 species of bee in the UK!
Only 1 of those is a honeybee, 24 are bumblebees and the rest are little solitary bees.

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