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Top 5 tips for gardening sustainably with children.
24th May 2024

To kick off Kids Gardening week 2024, we asked Edd Moore for some of his great advice on gardening sustainably with children.
Edd Moore is a national multi-award winning eco coordinator, gardening enthusiast and primary school teacher, empowering schools and pupils to become eco ambassadors.


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Harvesting blackberries

Harvesting Blackberries

Gardening not only teaches the children the joys of outdoor learning and getting close to nature but also teaches them the positive impact they can have on climate change, the environment, healthy eating, and nutrition.

All the skills learned in the garden can help support the next generation to make our world better for everyone.

Making a strawberry planter

Making a Strawberry planter

1. Find a seasonal growing calendar of what can be grown when and plan what you will grow throughout the year. Having a floor plan of your garden is helpful.

Vegetable planting calender

David Domoney vegetable planting calendar

2. Choose vegetables to start with that give quick success and are short term crops like (harvested during
10 - 12 weeks) include beetroot, carrots, cucumber, French beans, lettuce, courgettes, radish, spinach.


Carrots (credit to


Cucumber (credit to

3. Upcycle containers to grow plants and vegetables in. Be as creative as possible. Great if you do not have a garden of your own too. Newspaper pots, toilet, bucket, bag, wellies, boots.

Welly boot growing

Growing in welly boots (credit to

4. Reuse old pallets to make a bug hotel collecting items around the garden. Reuse the pallet wood or a terracotta pot to make a bird box.

Pallet bug hotel

Pallet bug hotel (credit to

5. Collect seeds from other wildflowers and vegetable reusing them to regrow in your garden or in pots.
​Look out for the pineapple shape seeds on buttercups!

Honeybee on Buttercups

Honeybee on Buttercups

Collecting poppy seeds

Collecting Poppy seeds

To learn more about Edd's incredible work with schools and sustainibility, you can visit and follow his Facebook page here:

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