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Top 5 tips for gardening sustainably with children

To kick off Kids Gardening week 2024, we asked Edd Moore for some of his great advice on gardening sustainably with children.
Edd Moore is a national multi-award winning eco-coordinator, gardening enthusiast and primary school teacher, empowering schools and pupils to become eco ambassadors.

Please read the blog here:

Child picking blackberries

"Sting-free" Summer Guide for Parents and Carers

We've teamed up with the incredible 'Beevive' to create a simple handy guide for a scare and sting-free summer.

Please read our blog here:

Helping the bees by becoming more environmentally aware

Common carder bumblebee on Lupin flowers

This month, I was delighted when asked by the amazing 'Sow Clever' to be a guest blogger on their website.
Sow Clever are an eco-conscious company who create fabulous growing kits for budding gardeners.
Please read our blog here:

Bees in Winter
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