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This stunning foxglove has spikes of large flowers, pale yellow outside and cream netted maroon inside.

Prefers partial sun - a good plant for a semi-shaded area.

Fully hardy.  

Height: 90cm

RHS Garden of merit award

Foxglove Digitalis grandiflora 'ambigua'

  • Avoid very wet or very dry situations. Apply compost each spring.
    Apply a  5cm deep application of mulch to suppress weeds. 

    Remove the central flower spike to encourage side shoots, cut central shoot off at its base.
    Deadhead if you do not want it to self-seed.

    Harvesting seed - 
    Allow the flowers to wither and remove seeds from the central stalk then store in a cool, dry place.
    (If you remove the central stalk to promote side shoots you will not be able to harvest seed).

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