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Our new EO candles are inspired by the flowers, herb and fruit plants that bees adore.

Blended only with pure essential oils including Sicilian Lemon, Basil, Lemongrass, Cypress and Himalayan Cedarwood.

An citrus, energising blend that will lift your mood and help you to feel refreshed.


100% sustainable soy wax - eco-friendly and biodegradable, providing a clean burn and an excellent scent throw.

Sustainable essential oils - we do not use any endangered/red list plant oils in our candles.

All Urbee candles have cotton wicks.​

35hrs burn time. Paraben, paraffin and cruelty-free.

Suitable for vegans.

Lovingly hand-poured in the UK.


You can clean the tin once your candle is finished by using warm, soapy water to remove any residual wax. 


Lemon & Basil EO Soy Candle 200ml

  • Height - 70mm

    Diameter - 75mm

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